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Cute yellow labrador puppy looks at the camera with its tongue poking out

Lend a paw

Join our International Guide Dog Day
annual Street Appeal on 26 April!

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Dive for Dogs campaign image, depicting a skydiver and her tandem instructor free falling from 14,000 feet. Her face has been replaced with a puppy face, and they're both giving the thumbs up. Rockingham Beach can be seen from above

Dive for

Join us on 13 May for our
inaugural (Sky)Dive for Dogs!

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Jacqui sits alone on a park bench and looks down sadly as she clutches her white cane

“I wouldn’t
have to live
like this”

A Guide Dog would be life-changing for Jacqui

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Black Labrador Puppy Winston sits on the grass and looks at the camera. He is wearing a yellow Guide Dog in training jacket

Jog 4 A Dog

Join our team in the HBF Run for a Reason
and help sponsor a Guide Dog Puppy!

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Community Fundraising

Jeremy tackles new heights for Guide Dogs

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Perth Paralympian Jeremy McClure will be celebrating International Guide Dog Day on 26 April by Abseiling down one of the city’s tallest buildings – QV1.

Community Fundraising

Beth the ‘crazy Canuck’ dives for dogs

“Why jump out of a plane? Well, I have just finished FIFO and I’m in between jobs. When I saw this event I thought why not! I can do this! It has given me a sense of purpose and I like that.”


Lend a paw this Intl. Guide Dog Day

Show your sup-paw-t this International Guide Dog Day, by lending a paw for Guide Dogs! If you or someone you know can spare 2 hours or more, between 7am – 5pm on Wednesday 26 April 2017, we’d love to hear from you!

Our Dog Careers

“If I had a Guide Dog, I wouldn’t have to live like this.”

“I feel totally alone. I don’t feel confident. If I’m in a crowded room, I start to panic. I can’t focus. My heart races and I feel dizzy. I just have to get out of there. But I can’t find my way out!” says Jacqui.

Puppy Raising

“Life with Bailey is never dull!”

Despite the fact that it can be hard when the time comes to give the puppy back, Jan finds the role of Puppy Raising very satisfying and rewarding. “I know what an amazing asset a Guide Dog is, and I want to be part of that process.”

Our Dog Careers

Therapy Dog Harry goes ‘back to school’

“Harry can detect when the kids are upset. He just knows. He’ll go and sit with them and put his head on their lap. He can get through to them in a way that nothing else can.”

Sponsors & Partners

Generous Jean remembers her love, Tom

“To see all these little puppies turn into responsible dogs and see what they do—it really is changing lives. For the individuals, but also for their entire families. It’s giving people their lives back.”


Little Mariah living life to the fullest

“Mariah has no depth perception, and can’t see curbs, steps, slopes, ditches, bumps, and edges. This means we have to be her eyes for her, and advise her of these tripping/falling hazards.”