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Tegan cuddles Guide Dog Puppy Cheezel. Tegan is smiling and Cheezel looks proud

A young
girl's dream

Tegan has never seen the world around her,
and she dreams of finally being independent.

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Polaroid images of yellow labrador Annie with the Entertainment Book and of a black labrador with her 'pet' siblings


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Puppy Raising

Puppy Raising: a new family experience

“I love everything about having a Guide Dog Puppy. We get to watch him grow and teach him new things. We get to watch his reaction to all these new experiences and it’s just so great to see,” explains Puppy Raiser Jo.

Guide Dog Program

Tegan’s dream of independence

Tegan has never experienced independence – because she has never seen the world around her. She tells us that if she had a Guide Dog, she would feel happy and free. She would be independent, like her big sister Chloe.

Community Fundraising

Give Guide Dogs emergency medical care

The Emergency Vet Fund provides for unexpected or non-routine vet care for our dogs. This vital fund urgently needs replenishing if we are to continue providing critical vet care to our working dogs and puppies in training.

Guide Dog Program

Guide Dogs most trusted charity

Guide Dogs Australia has been announced as Australia’s Most Trusted Charity Brand for the fifth consecutive year as part of the annual Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands survey.

Community Fundraising

Get your Entertainment Book now!

You can enjoy more than $20,000 worth of value with Entertainment™ deals, and since 20% of profits come directly to Guide Dogs WA, you’ll be helping adorable puppies become life-changing Guide Dogs.

Sponsors & Partners

LandCorp’s sponsorship journey

“Everyone in LandCorp could relate to sponsoring a Guide Dog because we see our staff member Kate with her Guide Dog Lucy every day and we knew we were helping someone else just like her. That was really key.”

Sponsors & Partners

Limited edition Hangdog Art merchandise available now!

The collection, inspired by the Guide Dogs themselves, is “designed to be worn and used with love and a warm grin – as well as some good style sense! I’ve tried to capture the mix of dignity and adorableness that Guide Dogs have in spades.”


Little Mariah living life to the fullest

“Mariah has no depth perception, and can’t see curbs, steps, slopes, ditches, bumps, and edges. This means we have to be her eyes for her, and advise her of these tripping/falling hazards.”