Guide Dog Robbie

Robbie takes
the lead

When it came time for Zimba to put his paws up,
Robbie was ready and waiting in the wings

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Yellow labrador puppy in a Guide Dog harness

Help me
guide the way

Every puppy that joins us will change a life

Puppy Raising

Fletcher fetches a rave review

Narelle explains how she feels about the Puppy Raising experience: “I wouldn’t say ‘challenge’ is in the vocabulary at all. It’s been much more of a joy—pure joy—he just gives us so much.”


Little Mariah living life to the fullest

“Mariah has no depth perception, and can’t see curbs, steps, slopes, ditches, bumps, and edges. This means we have to be her eyes for her, and advise her of these tripping/falling hazards.”

Sponsors & Partners

Guide Dog su-PAW-models

Houndstooth Studio had two VIPs (Very Important Pups!) at her North Perth studio last week, the Public Relations dream team ambassadogs Gidgee and Luna!

Community Fundraising

Inspiring Jaxx the superhero

Maria and Luke’s two young boys were diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome three years ago, and this is what inspired little Jaxx’s name—one X in his name for each of the boys.

Our Dog Careers

Penny is in safe paws with Robbie

So far, the new team, Penny and Robbie, are bonding well in these early months of life together. It was difficult at first, but it’s getting easier and easier for the pair.


From Supporter to Volunteer

When Lin Matthews retired from her High School Library Officer job, she turned to volunteering for a bit of added variety. “I came in to buy a Guide Dog Calendar and asked the shop assistant how I could help!”


Mena Changes a Life

Amy first began to lose her vision at age 12, but she was not officially diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) until she was 24 – and her sight continues to degenerate. “A Guide Dog is life-changing!"

Guide Dog Program

Not your ordinary Minister visit

Hon Tony Simpson MLA had a particularly fun afternoon last week—the Minister for Youth was treated to a special Puppy Class with Guide Dog Trainer Cadet, Emily!