About Guide Dogs WA

Two black labrador dogs look at the cameraGuide Dogs WA is the only Western Australian based provider of Guide Dog training services in the community. Guide Dogs WA provides life changing Guide Dogs and Autism Assistance Dogs.

It takes over two years and costs more than $50,000 to train a Guide or Assistance Dog. Guide Dogs WA relies on the support of the community to provide these life changing services to Western Australians living with low vision, disability and illness.

Show your su-PAW-t today. You can fundraise with us, donate or find out how to sponsor a Guide or Assistance Dog.

Elsie Mead with Guide Dog Beau
Elsie Mead with Guide Dog Beau

Our History

Guide Dogs WA is the original home of Guide Dogs in Australia. The first professionally trained and registered Guide Dog, Dreena, was brought to Australia from England in 1950 by Dr. Arnold Cook; a visionary West Australian who also happened to be blind.  

After this, Dr. Cook established Australia’s first Guide Dog organisation in Perth in 1951. Within the first year, the first professionally Australian-trained Guide Dog, Beau, was working with his owner Elsie Mead. 

Read more about the early history of Guide Dogs WA and Dr Arnold Cook.

You can also find out more in the book TO GUIDE AND GUARD, An early history of Guide Dogs in Australia, by Alexandra Hasluck. (opens in a new window).

EverAbility Group Limited

Guide Dogs WA is owned and operated by EverAbility Group Limited. Annual Reports, details of the Board and Executive Team and our policies can be found on the EverAbility website (link opens in new window).

EverAbility is honoured to have the Honourable Kim Beazley AC, Governor of Western Australia, as its official Patron.

Our Values


Five values we live and breathe in everything we do.




We walk this journey with you. We are brave, and vulnerable. We want to step inside your shoes. To see things from your perspective. To see things differently.

  • Understand other people
  • Step into other people’s shoes
  • Hear and understand other people’s reasons
  • Consider other people’s situation, fears, anxieties and frustrations




We welcome everyone. We see a world where everyone is equal, everyone is included.

  • Deal with people with kindness
  • Make people feel welcomed through your actions
  • Give your full attention when engaging with people
  • Build goodwill through your actions




We are giants in our domain, the best at what we do. We lead, we achieve, we break new ground. We have a depth of knowledge that is unparalleled.

  • Be the greatest version of yourself
  • Counteract negative thought with positive action
  • Approach your work with an innovative mind
  • Bring out the greatness in your team




We believe in abundance and diversity. In a world where everyone can achieve their goals. In a world that continues to evolve, discovering new ways for people to grow.

  • Act in a way that results in the greater good of other people
  • Give other people the opportunity to explore their ideas and guide them
  • Encourage people to identify their strengths and believe in themselves




We communicate transparently. We trust, and can be trusted. We connect and participate. We are open, and true. We have a voice.

  • Communicate with openness and truth
  • Be transparent in your dealings
  • Make your perspective understood
  • Be trusted in your words and actions
  • Be able to justify yourself

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