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Breeding Program

Guide Dogs WA’s Breeding Program produces the highest quality service dogs to meet growing need for Guide, Autism Assistance, Therapy, Companion and Facility Dogs for Western Australians living with low vision, disability or illness. It will also allow for new service offerings to be developed by Guide Dogs WA, including Dementia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Dogs.

In the past, Guide Dogs WA sourced its puppies from accredited Guide and Assistance Dog schools within Australia and overseas, the puppies arrived into Perth from 8-10 weeks of age. This meant that often puppy supply was limited and transport to Western Australia was unpredictable. This was especially impacted with border restrictions from the COVID pandemic.

Five black puppies sitting on a mat.Importantly Guide Dogs WA was also not getting the opportunity to provide the puppies with vital socialisation which is critical during early puppy development and a significant factor in producing life-changing Guide and Assistance Dogs. As a result, Guide Dogs WA responded to the changing and evolving needs of Western Australia by developing a world class Breeding Program.

The Guide Dogs WA Breeding Program is supported by an expert team which includes veterinary, breeding, training and whelping specialists. The program also relies heavily on the assistance and dedication of volunteers.

The inaugural Guide Dogs WA litter was born in July 2022.


Cadet Training Program

Guide Dog Mobility Instructor Cadet with Guide Dog in training. Guide Dogs WA’s Cadet Training Program will ensure there are locally trained and highly qualified dog Trainers and Instructors to meet growing need for Guide and Assistance Dogs in Western Australia.

The Cadet Training Program was developed as a result of a need identified by Guide Dogs WA in attracting highly specialised Guide Dog Mobility Instructors. Traditionally Guide Dogs WA’s Mobility Instructors have been recruited from overseas Guide Dog Schools. With limited interstate and international travel during the first two years of the COVID pandemic, recruitment of qualified Trainers and Instructors was significantly affected. Additionally there are no specialised training programs on offer in Western Australia.

Guide Dogs WA’s Breeding Program will increase the number of puppies entering training program each year and will require specialised Trainers and Instructors to continue providing life-changing services to people living in Western Australia.

The first Guide Dogs WA Cadets commenced with the Cadet Training Program in August 2021.

Further information

Guide Dogs WA is a member of the International Guide Dog Federation and Assistance Dogs International, and worked closely with these bodies to develop the Breeding & Cadet Training Programs.

There are limited positions available for the Cadet Training Program. Visit our jobs page for more information on available positions for the Cadet Training Program.

To learn more about the volunteer positions available with Guide Dogs WA visit our get involved page.

The Western Australian State Government has provided $5 million to Guide Dogs WA for the establishment of the Breeding and Cadet Training Programs. The support of the Western Australian community will ensure the sustainability of these programs for years to come. To donate to Guide Dogs WA visit our donate page.

For further information on the Breeding and Cadet Training Programs email or call (08) 9311 8202.

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