Montage of 2020 Pups in training

2020 Pups

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Montage of 2020 Pups in training

Thank you for purchasing the Guide Dogs WA 2020 Calendar. Your purchase of the calendar helps support the pups and dogs in the training program.

We hope you enjoy the pups pictured each month! Don’t forget to check into this page and follow their progress. There will be an update on each pup on the month they appear in the calendar.

Autism Assistance Dog Trainer Victoria & Puppy Raising Coordinator LeonoraThe photography of the pups for the calendar was a year long process by our Autism Assistance Dog Instructor Victoria Wilkinson who was assisted by Leonora Flower, Guide Dogs WA’s Puppy Raising Coordinator.

Natalie proofing the calendarAfter the photography was completed and the Calendar created there were the necessary checks, which Autism Assistance Dog in training Natalie was very happy to help out with. 

A girl needs to check she is looking her best before it is printed!

January 2020: Stanley

Yellow labrador Stanley is sitting on the floor in a shopping centre with Santa standing next to him.

January Pup in Training Stanley will celebrate his first birthday this month. Happy Birthday handsome boy! Stanley has a very sweet and affectionate nature and loves to snuggle and be nice and close to his handler. He has had great exposure to the world around him and as a result he is very adaptable and relaxed in new situations – he just takes it all in his stride which is a great foundation for a working dog. Since his calendar picture was taken Stanley has grown into quite a large dog. He does forget his size sometimes and thinks he is still a little pup who can try and sit on his handlers feet!


December 2019: Dunkley

Black labrador puppy in a sit pose, looking at the camera.Inside Cover boy Dunkley is also growing up fast – he will celebrate his first birthday in February 2020. With a dedicated Puppy Raiser Dunkley has taken on the world and has matured into a lovely and affectionate boy. When it is downtime, Dunkley loves a cuddle and to be by his handlers feet. Dunkley is a boy that loves his home comforts – he is very happy when he has his comfortable bed to sleep on and his toys close by. His trainer describes him as a big cutie!

Riley 2020 UpdateNovember 2019: Riley

Cover boy Riley celebrates his first birthday in November 2019. He has grown into a handsome and striking boy, but there is more to him than good looks! Riley spent 2019 learning all about the world around him. He has been mastering train and bus travel, and learning how a working dog behaves in busy shopping centres, schools, sports, café’s … and everywhere – all in preparation for this future role.

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