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Breeding Program Volunteers are responsible for providing a safe, secure and welcoming home to one of Breeding Dogs (Broods) and their litters. There are a number of volunteer options which provide a unique and rewarding experience, helping to provide life changing Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs. Volunteers must live in the Perth or Peel regions.

Breeding Program Volunteers will have the full support of Guide Dogs WA at all times.

Breeding Stock Carer and Home Whelpers ensure the health and welfare of the dog and provide transportation of the dog to any appointments required including veterinary visits and reproductive procedures. At all times, they will ensure the dog’s obedience and social manners are maintained at a high level. 

They will also provide support to the brood when she is giving birth and care for her and her newborn puppies for the first eight weeks of their lives. This role is long term, with dogs usually placed at around 15 to 18 months of age, and retiring from the breeding program by 6 years of age.

Home Whelpers provide a home to one of our Breeding Dogs (Broods) during the whelping (birthing) process and for approximately eight weeks after. During this time, they are responsible for the health and welfare of the brood and her litter, and play a key role in the early development and socialisation of the puppies. 

This role is sporadic, lasting for approximately nine weeks at a time, and can occur any time through the year.

Puppy Socialisation Volunteers are responsible for assisting Guide Dogs WA staff to provide the vitally important early socialisation of our newborn puppies in our volunteer homes. 

They will follow our specially designed program to produce confident, well-adjusted puppies ready to be handed over to their Puppy Raisers. This role is dependent on the timing of litters and require volunteers to commit to regular sessions (usually twice a week) for an eight week period.

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Guide Dogs WA will provide:

  • All food, parasite prevention, veterinary care required throughout the dog’s breeding career, as well as initial equipment, such as collar, lead, bedding and chew toys.
  • Training and ongoing support by dedicated staff, including during the birthing process and whilst rearing the litter.

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