Guide Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

Guide Dog Boarding

The Guide and Assistance Dogs in the training programs need good homes whilst in training.

During the puppy stage (8 weeks – approximately 12-15 months), the pups live with volunteer Puppy Raisers, who teach them basic puppy obedience and prepare them for life as a working dog.

At 12-15 months of age, the puppy will be ready for Formal Training. During this stage, the dog will move on to live with a volunteer Formal Boarder.

What is a Formal Boarder?

A Formal Boarder provides a foster home while the young adult dog is in formal training for about 6-12 months.

Ideally, Formal Boarders live or work close to Guide Dogs WA in Victoria Park, or commute through Victoria Park. The dogs need to be dropped off to “school” every morning and picked up each afternoon.

This is an option that suits many full-time workers, as there is the potential to co-ordinate drop off and pick up times around work hours.

What is a Temporary Boarder?

As the name suggests, Temporary Boarders provide a short-term home on an adhoc basis, to cover holidays, illness or emergencies.

The basic responsibilities and expectations remain the same as for Formal Boarding.

What does Being Dog Boarder Involve?

A Boarder takes on daily responsibilities, caring for the dog during the evening and over weekends.

You may need to negotiate the possibility of taking the dog to work, as they are unable to be left alone for more than 3 hours at a time.

Formal and Temporary Boarders are expected to follow all instruction provided by Trainers to maintain consistency and structure for the dog. Generally, these dogs lead a quieter life as they have a busy school week.

What Do You Provide?

Guide Dogs WA provides everything the dogs will need – including bedding, food, toys, collars, leads and veterinary costs.

Information Sessions

Join one of our free information sessions for prospective Temporary and Formal Dog Boarders to find out about the program and to ask any questions. The upcoming schedule is:

  • Thursday 23 January, 5.30pm – 6.30pm
  • Wednesday 19 February, 5.30pm – 6.30pm

We encourage you to register for a session, which is held at Guide Dogs WA in Victoria Park. In the unlikely event we have to postpone or reschedule an Information Session, we will have your details and be able to contact you.

How to Apply to Become a Dog Boarder

Please complete the form below and our Team will be in touch in due course.

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