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Grill’d get sizzling for Guide Dogs

Since 2011, Grill’d have donated over $2.5 million to various charities across Australia as part of their highly successful ‘Local Matters’ program.

Ambassador Dog Jock and Guide Dog in training Annie sit in front of store managers Shana and Briana. A red Grill'd sign can be seen above them

Sharna and Briana with Jock and Annie

Sharna Angel-Gibson, Restaurant Manager at Grill’d in Brookfield Place, has been excited to announce: “For the month of April, we’ve got Guide Dogs WA on our ‘Local Matters’ jars at Grill’d in Brookfield Place and Shafto Lane in Perth City!”

Supporting this initiative is as simple as popping down to Grill’d in Brookfield Place or Shafto Lane throughout April, and placing your purchase token in the Guide Dogs WA jar. At the end of the month, the tokens are counted and the jar with the most tokens receives $300 from each of the two participating stores.

Not only that, but Sharna has also been working with the Grill’d head office to secure additional support for Guide Dogs WA on International Guide Dog Day this year!

“On April 26, International Guide Dog Day, Brookfield Place Grill’d will be donating $3 from every burger sold, to Guide Dogs WA. We’re really excited about that. So treat yourself to a burger, and help raise the next generation of Guide Dogs!”

This is an incredibly exciting offer – and since the Brookfield Place Grill’d store is so close to where our volunteers will be on the morning of International Guide Dog Day, you can stop by and say hi to one of our Guide Dogs in training before heading to Grill’d for a delicious burger for lunch.

This offer is only valid on 26 April, so come on down to Grill’d in Brookfield place and you can feel good knowing that your lunch will have a lasting impact on fellow West Australians living with blindness or vision impairment.

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