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LandCorp’s sponsorship journey

As Guide Dog in training Landy progresses through the final stages of formal training, his sponsors at LandCorp take a moment to reflect on their journey over the past two years.

Guide Dogs WA staff member Victoria stands with Guide Dog in training Landy, next to Kate with her working Guide Dog Lucy. The two dogs are touching noses

Landy gives Guide Dog Lucy a kiss

“A Guide Dog is tangible and makes a real difference – that was important for us. Everyone in LandCorp could relate to sponsoring a Guide Dog because we see our staff member Kate with her Guide Dog Lucy every day and we knew we were helping someone else just like her. That was really key,” said Claire Paddison, Manager at LandCorp.

Staff at LandCorp set themselves the goal to sponsor a Guide Dog Puppy, and successfully fundraised for Landy in just under 12 months. They hosted a few events, including their annual ‘Good Ride’ – a 200km bike ride between Perth and Bunbury and raised more than half of their goal from this event alone.

The organisation also set up a workplace giving program, and chose Guide Dogs WA as their beneficiary.

“Having Landy on board also helps to promote our workplace giving program! When Landy attends, he’s brought the biggest crowds at any of our workplace giving functions. He’s been huge for our staff morale!”

“Everyone has loved following Landy’s journey! It’s been great to receive Landy’s ‘Pupdates’, you can really see his progress and staff love seeing him when he comes to visit. There’s a real connection and you can be involved with your puppy right from the beginning.”

Guide Dogs WA have several new puppies due to arrive in the coming months. Each of these little puppies will require a $35,000 sponsorship in order to start their life-changing journey. Just like Landcorp, you could sponsor a puppy, give it a name and keep up-to-date on your puppy’s progress through quarterly ‘Pupdate’ school reports.

We also offer Syndicate Sponsorships, where you can join a group of up to seven like-minded individuals, each contributing $5,000 or more. If you’d like to find out more about sponsorship contact or phone (08) 9311 8202.

Claire adds: “You won’t regret sponsoring a Guide Dog! It provides a good opportunity to learn more about the role of a Guide Dog and what goes on behind-the-scenes.”

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