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Category: Autism Assistance Dog Stories

Read the inspiring stories of how Autism Assistance Dogs transform the lives of children living with autism and their families.

Autism Assistance Dog Stories

Wesley with AAD Max, mum Paige and trainer Victoria

Wesley and his super dog Max

Assistance Dog, Max is helping keep Wesley safe. With Max by their side, Wesley and his family are able to experience opportunities that once were not possible.
Autism Assistance Dog Harley and Harrison

Harley & Harrison

Watch a short video of the day in the life of Autism Assistance Dog Harley and his human, Harrison.
Adam, Autism Assistance Dog Comet and Mum Maria

Comet Brings About A Cosmic Change

Meet six-year old Adam who lives in Perth with his mum and three sisters. Like many six-year olds, Adam loves to explore the world and it’s this love that caused his mum, Maria to experience possibly the worst day of her life.
Fletcher with Autism Assistance Dog Koha

Life is Beautiful

Fletcher, who recently turned four, lives in a world of frustration. This little boy has non-verbal autism. He is at the extreme, high needs end of the spectrum: he cannot communicate, or understand those around him.
Grace with Autism Assistance Dog Koha

Koha makes an extraordinary difference

Five year old Perth girl Grace tells of the immense challenges her little brother Fletcher faces. Her four year old brother Fletcher has non-verbal autism. He cannot communicate or understand those around him.
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