Mum, child and Autism Assistance Dog walking on grass along river.

Brock’s remarkable gift is a sweet Labrador named Lulu

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Thanks to the kindness of Western Australians like you, children like Brock – along with Western Australians with low or no vision – have been given a remarkable gift. In Brock’s case, that remarkable gift is a sweet Labrador named Lulu.

Lulu is an Autism Assistance Dog who has opened a world of opportunities for young Brock since the two were matched. 13 year old Brock was diagnosed with Autism during his primary school years. While Brock is able to communicate with the world around him, he also lives with crippling anxiety and other social challenges.

Since he was matched with Lulu, Brock’s life – and that of his family – has been transformed. Brock describes Lulu as his perfect match. “Like a perfect Tetris…” he says.

“Having Lulu has made a really big difference”, he says. “I went from not wanting to go to the shops: from a “I-would-rather-die-than-do-that” to: “Yeah, I don’t mind going to the shops.”

Mum, child and Autism Assistance Dog standing on jetty.Brock explains that the incredibly skilled Lulu (skilled thanks to support from the Western Australian community) senses when his anxiety is escalating. “Sometimes it’s really bad, which is really annoying to me. She can just tell when I’m not in a good way.”

Brock’s mother Heidi marvels at how Lulu applies gentle pressure to Brock to calm his anxiety. “She’s incredibly good with that,” Heidi says. “She gives him good anxiety pressure, sitting or leaning on him gently.”

Heidi says there have been many other benefits that Lulu has brought to her son’s quality of life. His sleep has improved, for one thing. But the greatest benefit Heidi sees is that Lulu has opened possibilities for a better future for her son.

Young boy hugging Autism Assistance Dog on grass along river.With Lulu by his side, Brock has been able to enjoy many new experiences such as visiting the aquarium, an art gallery and the museum. Lulu is also helping to support Brock through day to day activities including cooking and visiting the shops.

“Lulu has been life-changing in so many more ways than I could have ever expected,” Heidi says. “Autism is a hard thing to manage and we love Brock so much. We just want the world for him, and with Lulu by his side, life seems very different and so much more positive going into the future.”

Never underestimate the power of your generosity! Your wonderful support for Guide Dogs WA does change lives: whether that’s for a youngster like Brock and their family, or for someone with low or no vision to be able to access their community confidently.

Right now, there are Western Australians on the wait list for one of our remarkably skilled dogs. Given that it costs more than $50,000 to raise and train a Guide Dog or Autism Assistance Dog like Lulu, you can understand why community support is so critical.

Please donate today to help our recruits to grow into the best they can be.


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