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Puppy Raising: a new family experience

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16 June, 2017
Guide Dog Puppy Simba

Not quite king of the pride lands, Guide Dog Puppy Simba is the king of his home!

Born in October 2016, Simba arrived at Guide Dogs WA just before Christmas. His brother Harley also came with him, and they’ve both been doing well in their Guide Dog training so far.

Simba’s Puppy Raiser Jo shared with us a bit about her reasons for becoming a Puppy Raiser, and her experience with Simba so far…


“Puppy Raising is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but wanted to wait until [my youngest son] was old enough to have a puppy in the house and he would be able to know the rules. I just felt like I’d like to give back, for it to be about other people, to help other people, to show the children and contribute back.”

Guide Dog Puppy Simba

“Our family – the kids are so lucky, we want to make a difference in someone else’s life, someone less fortunate. It’s just a really small way to make a difference to someone else’s life. I’ve already been asked so many times how I’m going to give him up. But he’s not mine. I’m looking after him for someone else, he’s not mine to keep.”

“I love everything about having a Guide Dog Puppy. We get to watch him grow and teach him new things. You can see he’s so keen and eager to learn. Every time we take him somewhere new we get to watch his reaction to all these new experiences and it’s just so great to see.”

We met up with Jo at the International Guide Dog Day Street Appeal back in April to see how Simba was going – check out the video below for an update!

You can learn more about what’s involved in Puppy Raising, check out if you’re eligible and apply online!


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