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Puppy Tales by Raja

23 October, 2020

New recruit, Puppy in training Raja pens his first blog and observations of the world around him.

Week 5 – Vocabulary Lessons

My vocabulary is extensive. Indeed my human and I have long chats about any amount of subjects. However … she insists we keep it to basics on a variety of matters. So today I’m going to tell you about a word I hear a lot “Leave”. Close up of labrador puppy and toy bear

I’m an intelligent dog with an inquisitive mind and there’s much which fascinates me. For example the table leg (oak) is softer than the step in the kitchen (which is jarrah). Aluminum sliding windows need licking, someone’s drive way should be explored in case there’s insurgent activity and a dropped tissue should be moved. But, I apparently don’t need to focus on these things. 

I’ll give you a couple of examples where the word leave is used. 

Example One. I thought her bromeliad needed pruning. “Leave,” she said, calmly. So I looked at her thinking, ‘sweetie, you don’t know your plants.’ She said “Yes!” and gave me a treat, so I stopped gardening.

Example Two.  The rubbish bin in her office was clearly in the wrong place so I was moving it around the room to find a spot with great feng shui properties. “Leave,” she said, calmly. I looked at her thinking ‘Really? I like it so much better on my bed.’ She said “Yes!” and gave me a treat. Once again I sighed and left the bin alone.

I hear “leave” a fair bit. But I can walk serenely not being the least bit distracted. Of course I don’t always get a treat when I do, but I always get a “yes” and a pat and she regularly distracts me with a variety of toys.

One day I may buy her a Thesaurus so she can mix it up a bit. You know she could try; “desist from sniffing the neighbour’s sprinkler system”; “decamp yourself from that bicycle wheel” or “say your farewell to that leaf”. Oh so many options.

This is a photo of my bear. I have a lot of toys, and interestingly am never told to “leave” them alone. 

Puppy in training Raja X

Week 3 – 19 October 2020

Excellent start. I had a University class with my three siblings, Charles, Oden and Emma. We attended a lecture on how to get our humans to stand up straight, give us lots of food, relax, put snacks on the tip of our nose. I have to say, they did quite well.

I tell Annie again and again, “If I looks like I’m going to get up off the mat, give me another treat.” She’s doing just fine and I’m a big fan of that comfortable black mobile bed.

I visited the vet – I weigh 12.7kgs in my collar. I am the heaviest of the four – I think it’s my brains. Phillip was a nice man and said I was very handsome. He also mentioned something about my last injection, but I really can’t say that I noticed.

My sister Emma was (coincidentally) the consult before me. We didn’t chat but it was good to see her. Then I met “Peter” and he did an excellent demonstration of how big you’re going to get.

When we left the Vet’s a screeching snake-like monster rose from the depths of Hades and frightened the b-jeezuz out of me.

Annie and I hung around for a while and sat to watch the next one go by.

I see now that a train is not the work of the devil, but a harmless silvery thing, part of a complex public transport infrastructure and I quite fancy a go on it myself. I believe we’ll cover that at Uni too.

Yours most sincerely,

Puppy in training Raja X

My First Week – 12 October 2020

I left Queensland on 25 September. If I were a sailor I’d say that Friday was a bad day to set off on an adventure but I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised. There were a lot of people at the airport and they seemed inordinately pleased to see my siblings and I.

I’ve been allocated a human, Annie – an excellent cushion and provider of all the important things like kibble, belly rubs and more.

My first night I had dinner and then I did a poop on the astro turf. I’m telling you this because to my mind: eat = poop = normal. Annie however seemed to think this was some kind of miracle. I have to tell you the delight she shows every time I execute a simple bodily function is extraordinary.

My night time bed has been tastefully decorated with an assortment of soft furnishings. I often head off there for a siesta. I also have a bed in the living room which is very pleasant. I find I’m tired about 7pm. Sometimes I watch TV, but the programming is not always to my taste. Annie watches on the floor and I snooze on her lap. Sometimes I just go to bed.

In the morning I don’t bother to let anyone know I’m awake because, well I’m cosy. She comes in about 6:30am and then it’s time to go outside and I await breakfast!

I’m pretty busy after that. There’s the cat, scanning the garden for things I might want to eat, chewing things I’m allowed to and learning that table legs don’t come into this category.

Sometimes we watch the rubbish trucks, or go to a cafe and check out the world. I’ve seen bicycles, and motor bikes, prams, magpies, drains, trucks, dogs, buses. Sometimes we play on the floor and other times we do exercises. I absolutely never eat my meals until I’ve heard the whistle and everyone tells me that I’m some sort of genius.

Life is good.

Anyway, I’ve got to go and chew that thing which squeaks, so must be off.

Raja X

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