Yellow puppy laying on mat looking at camera.

Meet Edna & Aleck

23 September, 2022
Edna and Aleck with their dog Sisko in the garden.
Edna and Aleck with their dog Sisko in the garden.

Edna was a Guide Dogs WA supporter, kindly sending in donations over a number of years. Both Edna, and her husband Aleck, loved dogs. They were a devoted couple, with Aleck sadly passing away several years before Edna.

Unbeknown to Guide Dogs WA, Edna had done something quite incredible when she wrote her last Will: she had decided to leave her estate to Guide Dogs WA. This amazing act of generosity will provide many more Guide and Assistance Dogs to Western Australians with low vision, disability or illness in the future.

Yellow puppy laying on carpet.
Puppy in training Edna.

To honour their memory, and as an expression of our gratitude, two puppies in training have been named in their honour.

Edna and Aleck arrived at Guide Dogs WA in July 2022 and moved in with volunteer Puppy Raisers. During their first year in the training program they learn basic obedience, socialisation and receive exposure to a range of environments to prepare them for life as a working Guide or Assistance Dog.

At approximately 12 months of age, the young recruits will commence formal training and begin to learn the specialised skills to one day change someone’s life.

Black puppy laying on grass.
Puppy in training Aleck.

It costs more than $50,000 to train a Guide or Assistance Dog. You can help provide more of these amazing dogs for Western Australians who need them in the future by including a gift in your Will to Guide Dogs WA, just like Edna did. This simply means that you include Guide Dogs WA as a beneficiary in your Will, after you’ve provided for your loved ones.

There are different kinds of gifts that you can leave in your Will: most people leave a percentage of their estate or a specific amount of cash, another option is to specifically sponsor one or more dogs or leave an asset of value.

For further information visit our Gifts in Wills webpage or for a confidential discussion, email or call our Planned Giving Coordinator on (08) 9311 8285 or complete the form below.

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