Yellow Labrador in white harness on grass.

Trish’s generosity enabled the training of Guide Dog Elsa

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  • Trish’s generosity enabled the training of Guide Dog Elsa
10 February, 2022

Yellow Labrador in white harness sitting on grass.

Guide Dog in training Elsa is nearing the completion of her formal training and will be matched with a Western Australian living with low vision.

Its takes more than two years and costs over $50,000 to train a Guide Dog like Elsa. And in the case of the beautiful Elsa her training journey was made possible thanks to a Western Australian, named Trish who left a generous gift in her Will to Guide Dogs WA.

Below is a letter received from Trish’s family:

My mother Trish loved to read but due to her vision problems she was unable to see the words on the page. She used the services of VisAbility* for several years, requesting audio books of her favorite authors.

The staff were always very friendly and having gotten to know her quite well, would even set aside audio books they thought she might enjoy when she placed her next order. It made her feel very valued.

When the time came for mum to write her Will, she wanted to leave something to an organisation that she believed to be the most deserving. Mum always had a love of dogs and would’ve been lost without the facilities of VisAbility so we discussed the costs associated with training a Guide Dog and her mind was made up. She wanted to leave a gift from her estate to Guide Dogs WA to help sponsor a Guide Dog.

When mum passed, Guide Dogs WA reached out to thank us for the donation and to ask if we would like to help name the puppy. We called her Elsa after our grandmother – who mum was very close to.

Kay, the Planned Giving Coordinator communicated with us frequently, keeping us updated on Elsa’s training. Having met with Elsa and her trainer several times over the years we had the privilege of watching her begin as a puppy in training and develop into a very confident and capable Guide Dog who is getting matched with her own Guide Dog user.

You can see how much time and effort goes into training these wonderful dogs and all the wonderful work this organisation does.

Mum would’ve been so happy to know that her bequest went to a most deserving cause.

*VisAbility is part of a group of services which also includes Guide Dogs WA.

If you have already, or are considering leaving a gift in your Will to Guide Dogs WA, and would like more information or to come in to see one of our Guide or Assistance Dogs in training please contact Kay, our Planned Giving Coordinator by phone (08) 9311 8285, email or complete the form below.

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