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Guide Dog Goldie is a Gold Star

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11 November, 2015
Guide Dog Goldie

Guide Dog Goldie was sponsored by a trio of siblings, Di White, Darryl Richards and Vicki Burges who tragically lost both their parents within a week of one another.

Their parents had always supported Guide Dogs, and with the money left in their Estate the siblings sponsored two beautiful littermates. Goldie and Mandy entered the Guide Dog program in 2012; their names inspired by the dogs on the family farm.


Mandy has since gone on to work in a rewarding career as a psychologist’s assistant. And then, on Friday 30 October 2015, Richard was officially united with Guide Dog Goldie at a graduation ceremony in Mandurah.

Richard was first diagnosed with Retinal Detachment after an industrial accident, and then diagnosed with Glaucoma almost ten years ago.

“My sight has been slowing disappearing. Now I can only see through a small window,” explains Richard.

Now, he is totally blind in his right eye and only three per cent vision remains in his left eye.

Richard had encountered trouble with the winding pathways between his house and the local shop, and would sometimes fall off the pathway. Goldie now helps Richard to safely stay on the path, while also cutting down the time spent navigating the shop itself.

“I can walk with confidence now.”

Goldie is also a fantastic companion to Richard’s own dog Odie, who found a safe home with Richard after a history of neglect. When the Guide Dog harness comes off, Goldie and Odie enjoy spending their free time playing together.

“The pair get along like a house on fire and Odie enjoys the companionship.”

Odie has been a major part of Richard’s life since he was adopted, injured and neglected. The pair could often be seen taking walks around Wannanup together while Odie adjusted to his new life.

Now, since losing 97 per cent of his sight, Richard has found a new companion and guide in Goldie.

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