Amy with daughter Eleanor with Guide Dog Mena

Mena Changes a Life

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13 November, 2015
Amy with daughter Eleanor with Guide Dog Mena

Guide Dog Mena is a unique kind of gift. The yellow Labrador was sponsored through a bequest in one generous Albany resident’s Will, and given her sponsor’s middle name to honour her passing. Now, Mena is changing a life.

On Friday 30 October, Amy was officially united with Guide Dog Mena at a graduation ceremony in Mandurah.

The inseparable pair have successfully completed their training, and marked the start of their journey surrounded by family, friends, supporters and representatives from Guide Dogs WA.

Amy first began to lose her vision at age 12, but she was not officially diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) until she was 24 – and her sight continues to degenerate.

The greatest impact of losing her sight was realised when she became a mother of two children. When her eldest couldn’t go to the park, to events after school and to parties as often as her friends could, she began to distance herself from Amy.

Amy with daughter Eleanor with Guide Dog Mena

“[My eldest] would ask why I can’t drive her to school like her other friends’ mums; I have to remind her that mummy’s eyes don’t see well and I am not allowed to drive,” Amy said.

Things didn’t begin to improve until Amy received Guide Dog Mena – and life hasn’t been the same since.

“A Guide Dog is life-changing! We have known Mena since March, and things are always improving.”

“I am really thankful because my kids have more opportunity now. My independence – because of Mena – means they can do so much more.”

By law, Guide Dogs are permitted access to all public places, including hotels, supermarkets, cafés, and local businesses, and are allowed to travel on all public transport, including buses, taxis and even on aeroplanes. The only exceptions to these access laws are operating theatres and some areas of zoos.

We rely on generous supporters who include a gift in their Will, known as a Bequest, to ensure the longevity of our organisation.

To bring another life-changing Guide Dog puppy into WA, consider leaving a gift in your Will. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime gift.

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