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Category: Guide Dog Stories

Read the personal stories of how Guide Dogs have made an extraordinary difference to people living with vision impairments.

Guide Dog Stories

Handler and black Guide Dog sitting on grass.

Three generations of Guide Dogs. The power of your support!

Kara is the third generation Guide Dog for Kaylene: and each of her Guide Dogs has played a critical role in her life.
Image of handlers, trainers and Guide Dogs sitting in front of stage at the graduation ceremony.

Meet Guide Dogs Bentley, Monty and Terry

In August, Guide Dogs WA celebrated three life-changing partnerships at a special graduation ceremony in Perth.
Image of Guide Dog Autumn with handler Tara

How one special Guide Dog has changed lives

Guide Dog Autumn has given the gift of independence to Tara. “When I lost my sight, I was very trapped in our home, but Autumn has given me back some of my freedom that I’d lost.”

Guide Dogs WA acknowledges the dedication of four special dogs

On Tuesday 30 March 2021, four Guide Dogs and their handlers graduated at a Guide Dog Graduation Ceremony.

A Perfect Match

With Guide Dog Alfie by her side Annalise has her independence back.
Close up of yellow labrador in brown harness with lawn, plants and fence in background.

Sweet Ginny is Putting all her Training to Work

Sweet and clever Guide Dog Ginny is putting all her training to work.
Yellow labrador laying down among flowers

International Guide Dog Day Street Appeal

On Wednesday 28 April 2021 our orange army will take to the streets of Perth once again for our annual International Guide Dog Day Street Appeal.
5 graduates and their Guide Dogs and trainers on the stage at the Graduation.

Celebrating Freedom and Independence of Five Life-Changing Partnerships

On Thursday 3 December 2020, five Guide Dogs and their handlers graduated at a Guide Dog Graduation Ceremony.
Tegan sits on the edge of a garden bed, with Guide Dog Loui at her feet

The Dream has Come True for Tegan!

Guide Dog Loui has opened a whole new world of independence for Tegan, just as she imagined when she was younger.
Close of a woman with her black labrador - Guide Dog Bella

It Takes a Village to Raise and Train a Guide Dog like Bella

It’s been 18 months since she was paired with Bella, and today, Edwina can’t imagine life without her precious Guide Dog.
Guide Dog Mobility Instructor Phil with yellow labradors

A day in the Life of the ‘Dog Whisperer’

Meet Phil Stanley. Phil is Guide Dogs WA’s own ‘dog whisperer’. For 39 years Phil has been training life changing Guide Dogs.
Serge with Guide Dog Winston

Winston Helps Serge Reclaim Independence

Last year Serge was matched to Guide Dog Winston. Since Winston joined his family Serge has not looked back.
Montage of Brad and his Guide Dog, Jaxx.

Jaxx Makes Life So Much Easier for Brad

With Guide Dog Jaxx by his side, life is so much easier for Brad.
Brianna with Guide Dog Jessie. Text reads "Jessie has liberated me! I am free to participate in the outside world fully"

Guide Dog Jessie Is The Perfect Match

Read Brianna’s story about how Guide Dog Jessie liberated her & enabled her to participate in the outside world. Find out how you can help
Guide Dog Graduation Ceremony

Guide Dog Graduation – June 2019

Eight recently-qualified Guide Dog/Handler partnerships were joined by over 200 Sponsors, Puppy Raisers, Boarders, family and friends to attend a special Guide Dog Graduation Ceremony.
Wendy with Guide Dog Freya

Guide Dog Gives Control Back

For much of her life, the only thing Wendy had control over was her hair…. and believed she wasn’t smart enough to make any other decisions for herself.
Montage of Danny with Guide Dog Landy

Danny & Guide Dog Landy’s Story

Danny and his Guide Dog, Landy, formally graduated in September 2018, in a ceremony which was held in the Perth CBD. He graduated alongside 6 other Guide Dogs and their handlers.
Pat with Guide Dog Austin

Guide Dog Austin Provides Independence

Since Pat’s husband of 36 years died suddenly, she has felt isolated, vulnerable and exposed. And, being blind, she has good reason, too. Pat’s vulnerability was highlighted not long after husband passed, when callous thieves first broke into her house, while she was still at home!
Montage of Guide Dog Graduation Ceremony. The text A Very Special Graduation is overlaid on the image

Guide Dog Graduation Ceremony

A very special Guide Dog graduation ceremony was held at Central Park in the Perth CBD in September 2018.
Montage of Denise with Guide Dog Ruby

Ruby Rallies To Give Renewed Independence

Most people with a Guide Dog have faced more than their fair share of challenges. And then there are some, like Denise, who have had more than most.
Montage of Eric with Guide Dog Sundae

Sundae Delivers Freedom & Independence

Guide Dog, Sundae, became part of Eric’s family has given him his independence back – and a fresh outlook on life.
Tegan with yellow labrador

Tegan’s dream of independence

Tegan has been desperate for a Guide Dog for as long as she can remember as it represents so much more than a loyal companion.
Jeremy with Guide Dog Presley

Jeremy tackles new heights for Guide Dogs

Perth Paralympian Jeremy McClure will be celebrating International Guide Dog Day on 26 April by Abseiling down the QV1 building
Barry & Guide Dog Pluto with Pluto's sponsors

Barry and Pluto shoot for the stars

Accomplished Barrister Barry shares his story about life with Guide Dog Pluto
Guide Dog Coco

“When I lost my vision, I lost myself”

Robert had to give up everything he loved and he shut himself away. Thanks to Coco, Robert’s life has changed forever.
Penny and Guide Dog Robbie

Robbie takes the lead

Many of us look forward to retirement – but when it’s a Guide Dog who’s retiring, it can be daunting for a person whose very freedom depends on them.
Janine with Guide Dog Tom

Tom opens up Janine’s world

At just 12 years old, Janine’s life hit a roadblock. She found out she was legally blind, which meant that everything was about to change.
Jayne and Guide Dog Cali in harness

Guide Dog Cali Restores Jayne’s Trust

At just 20, Jayne was assaulted so severely, it left her blind. Guide Dog Cali has helped her trust again.
Jackie with Guide Dog Tara

Jackie’s Guardian Angel has Paws

Jackie underwent a cataract operation to improve her vision, only to lose her sight less than six months later from type two diabetes.
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