Jayne and Guide Dog Cali in harness

Guide Dog Cali Restores Jayne’s Trust

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16 February, 2016
Jayne and Guide Dog Cali in harness
At just 20, Jayne found herself in an unthinkable situation. She was assaulted so severely by the father of her children, it left her blind. As a young mother, Jayne’s children helped her to find the strength to go on.
Jayne and Guide Dog Cali

“I had no choice but to find a way to move forward. I had lost my eyesight but had two young kids to live for,” said Jayne.

But, sadly when Jayne’s vision was taken away, so was her trust in others.

It would be decades before she rediscovered that trust, and it’s only through the arrival of her Guide Dog, Cali, that Jayne has been able to succeed.

Jayne moved to Mandurah nearly two years ago, but living close to Mandurah’s waterways presented a very real danger. Thankfully, not long after her move, her Guide Dog Cali arrived.

“Training with Cali was very emotional. I had to put my trust in someone else – a dog – who couldn’t talk to me.”

“Now I know I can trust Cali. She is my Guide Dog and my best friend!”

The difference Cali has made to Jayne’s life is quite remarkable. With Cali by her side, she is able to really live. Once, Jayne was housebound, not being able to leave her home. She’d adapted to the small world she felt safe in, using the feeling from her bare feet to guide her as she cleaned, always carefully keeping her furniture in the same place so she could move around safely.

It takes two years to raise a Guide Dog from being a puppy to a specially trained companion you can trust with your life. Cali hasn’t just helped Jayne regain independence and trust; she has helped Jayne to heal her deepest emotional scars.

It’s been a long journey, but at 50, Jayne has her life back. She has found love once more, and her children now have children of their own. With Cali by her side, Jayne has the confidence to explore her new home and explore nature knowing she has a trustworthy companion.

‘I love Cali; she is my black pearl. I groom her every day and pamper her—she deserves it!’

Jayne is now an incredibly active and independent woman; she has recently become an ambassador for Fishing with Disability and even a motivational speaker.

Cali has changed her life completely. Donate today to give someone like Jayne a Guide Dog and the strength to rediscover life.

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