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Montage of puppy images of Autumn, Loui, Tia and Zuma

On Tuesday 30 March 2021, Guide Dogs WA celebrated four very special dogs and their handlers at a Graduation Ceremony. This unique event provided an opportunity to recognise the amazing and life changing partnerships of Tegan and Guide Dog Loui, Tara and Guide Dog Autumn, James and Guide Dog Zuma and Kerry and Guide Dog Tia.

Guide Dogs provide hope, independence, safety and opportunity to their handlers and this would not be possible without the support of all that contribute to their training.

It takes more than two years and costs over $50,000 to train a Guide Dog, just like the four incredible graduates. Guide Dogs WA relies on the generosity of the Western Australian community to fund the Guide Dog training program. To help support the training program, please make a donation here.

The Graduation Ceremony also acknowledged the volunteers who contribute many hours to the training of a Guide Dog either by caring for a new puppy for the first 12 months of its life or through the boarding of a dog during its formal training stage. Throughout the course of the evening there were heart-warming reunions between the dogs and their Puppy Raisers and Boarders. There was also an overwhelming display of gratitude and friendship amongst all who will forever be connected to one another through the gift of these life changing dogs.

Guide Dogs WA has been changing lives in Western Australia for 70 years and acknowledges the four Guide Dog graduates for their significant contribution to Western Australians living with low or no vision.

Watch the Guide Dog Graduation video

At Guide Dogs WA we say it takes a village to raise and train a Guide Dog and this was very evident when the graduating Guide Dogs were reunited with their Puppy Raisers, Boarders and Sponsors. 

Our clients have the opportunity to to meet everyone involved in their dog’s training years, and swap stories about the life changing effect of these very special Guide Dogs.

[Video description: Montage of four graduating Guide Dogs with their Handlers, Puppy Raisers, Boarders, Sponsors and Trainers, at the State Library of Western Australia.

Speakers were Tegan, Tara’s daughter, Lia and Kerry.]

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