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Ginny, Kara and Shane are our newest Guide Dog graduates

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  • Ginny, Kara and Shane are our newest Guide Dog graduates
Side by side images of three dogs. Text read: Our graduates. Ginny, Kara and Shane.

Guide Dogs WA celebrated some of our newest partnerships at a special graduation ceremony on Thursday 14 October 2021. Congratulations to Joanne and Guide Dog Ginny, Kaylene and Guide Dog Kara, and Richard and Guide Dog Shane.

Each of the Guide Dogs were placed with their handlers over the past year and have immediately had a positive impact.

“A huge thank you for giving me back my freedom and independence again with Ginny by my side, not only to guide me but for the company, the many laughs she gives me – my world has become a better place,” Joanne says.

“It’s so good to be able to walk into town by ourselves and know that I am confident with Kara because she knows what she is supposed to do and she just does it. I am just really blessed with Kara, she is one of a kind,” Kaylene says.

“Since having Shane he has given me a lot more confidence as far as getting around, going to the shops and going for walks. He is a dream to work with,” Richard says.

The graduation also provided an opportunity for the Guide Dog handlers to meet some of the people who helped bring these wonderful dogs into their lives including the sponsors who contribute vital funding for the two year training journey and the volunteer Puppy Raisers and Boarders who provide a loving home to the dog while in the Guide Dogs WA training program.

For 70 years Guide Dogs WA has been providing life-changing Guide and Assistance Dogs for Western Australians living with low vision, disability or illness. Congratulations to Guide Dogs Ginny, Kara and Shane – these remarkable dogs will provide independence, confidence, safety and joy to Joanne, Kaylene and Richard throughout their partnership.

Joanne with Guide Dog Ginny
Joanne with Guide Dog Ginny
Kaylene with Guide Dog Kara
Richard with Guide Dog Shane

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