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“His eyes are my eyes”

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11 April, 2016

Thanks to Tom, Janine sees life differently now.

Imagine being dealt the devastating news that you were legally blind at just 12 years of age. That happened nearly 40 years ago to Janine, who has struggled with the isolation and dependence on others that her loss of sight has caused ever since.

But eight months ago, Tom entered her life—and with him, in many ways, life began again. Janine remembers: “Before receiving Tom, I was housebound. All my friends and family were working and I couldn’t leave my house by myself.”


“It was very frustrating.”

Now, with Tom by her side, Janine is able to leave her home confident that she can move safely. “I went from being frustrated, feeling sad and trapped in my own home, to feeling free.”

“Tom didn’t just give me independence;
he has opened up my world.”

With her new confidence and freedom, Janine has rediscovered real independence. She runs her own small business, regularly travels to the city, and enjoys going for long walks.

Apart from being a true gentleman (or gentle dog), Janine is loving her life with Tom and the freedom he brings—and she wants others to be able to do the same.

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