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Ford, Jean, Peter and Vicki have arrived!

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13 August, 2020
Montage of 4 photos of Jean, Ford, Vicki and Peter

In April as we went into lockdown and most Guide Dogs WA fundraising activities came to a halt, we launched an Emergency Appeal for donations to support the Guide and Autism Assistance Dog training programs.

Thanks to the generous support from around the state and further afield we were able to welcome four new puppies to the training program in late June.

Despite some logistical challenges resulting from COVID restrictions, puppies Ford, Jean, Peter and Vicki arrived in perfect health and have settled beautifully with their volunteer Puppy Raisers in the community.

And now their two year training journey has began! Over the next 10 months our dedicated team of Trainers and Volunteer Puppy Raisers will work closely with the pups, introducing them to environments and experiences they will encounter as a working dog.

Volunteer Puppy Raiser Tanya is raising Guide Dog puppy Ford.

“Ford has been with us for 10 weeks now and from the puppy who used to walk behind me, slowly taking in his surroundings, he now confidently walks alongside me resisting dog and bird distractions. He can be a cheeky boy with a lot of energy which we are channelling into his work. He loves his morning cuddles and gets a little bossy, nudging me for your attention if he doesn’t feel he has had enough snuggles.”

Check out Ford, Jean, Peter and Vicki on a recent training walk in Hyde Park.

Video description: Four Guide Dog puppies in training undertake a training walk in Hyde Park with their Puppy Raisers, Judith, Justine, Tanya and Lisa. With them is Leonora Flower, Guide Dogs WA Puppy Raising Coordinator and Anna Presser, Guide Dog Services Manager.

Each of these puppies will change the life of a Western Australian living with blindness, low vision, disability or illness.

The arrival of these wonderful puppies was made possible thanks to the kindness and generosity of the community.

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