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Harriet Celebrates 20 years Puppy Raising!

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18 January, 2021

Volunteer Puppy Raiser Harriet and her family recently celebrated a unique and very special milestone with Guide Dogs WA – twenty years of puppy raising!

Portrait of Volunteer Puppy Raisers Harriet.In 2000 Harriet, husband Ian and their then school aged children welcomed their first Guide Dogs WA puppy, Millie, into their home. At the time, it was a two year commitment, and Millie eventually went on to become a life changing Guide Dog. Twenty years later, Harriet and her family have raised an amazing nine puppies and boarded many dogs for shorter periods of time.  

For Harriet it is a combination of loving the puppy stage; the lifestyle; the opportunities to meet people; and seeing the dogs become life changing working dogs which has kept her motivated and ready to raise a new pup, when the last one moves onto formal training.

And after nine pups, does Harriet have any favourites?

“Not really” says Harriet, “they are all individuals and do wonderful things for their owners.”

Harriet has been fortunate to meet many of the people who have been matched to dogs she has raised, and understands how important each dog is to their owner. Experienced and dedicated Puppy Raisers like Harriet and her family are vital to the two year training journey of each and every pup that joins the pack.

Thank you Harriet, Ian and your family, for an incredible contribution.

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