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Guide Dogs WA is owned and operated by VisAbility Ltd, which believes …..

  • You should love your job, it’s your right
  • You should be challenged and motivated by the work you do
  • That Leaders are developed through learning
  • It’s your life to live the way you choose
  • In openness and a high trust environment
  • In the value of giving
  • Empathy and stories connect everyone and change perspectives

Sound like a team you’d like to be part of?

We are an organisation employing professionals in diverse roles and always on the lookout for like-minded individuals to build great teams and do great work.

If our way of thinking inspires you, then tell us a story about you. It might be a personal passion, an experience you have had, a great success or an epic failure! Whatever the story, allow it to tell us something about who you are and what you believe in.

Current Vacancies

We have no current vacancies, but please visit the VisAbility website for further information.

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