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Beth the ‘crazy Canuck’ dives for dogs

Originally from Vancouver Canada, self-confessed Labrador-lover Beth ‘crazy Canuck’ Paterson has been involved with Guide Dogs since the 90s.

She’s been involved in many fundraising activities for Guide Dogs in both Vancouver and Perth, and now, the Mandurah resident is taking the plunge and has registered for the inaugural Dive for Dogs on 13 May 2017.

Beth kneels next to Guide Dogs WA Ambassador Dog Jock on the grass

Beth with Ambassador Dog Jock

When asked why she’s looking forward to the Dive for Dogs, Beth explains: “Why jump out of a plane? Well, I have just finished FIFO and I’m in between jobs. When I saw this event I thought why not! I can do this! It has given me a sense of purpose and I like that.”

Beth aims to raise $1,500 for Guide Dogs, and she is excited to be more than half way to reaching her goal.

Knowing that she’s changing lives by fundraising for Guide Dogs WA, Beth says: “This makes me feel so happy. I have seen how a Guide Dog can enrich their lives, and the lives of their families.”

“[If I lost my vision], it would be very challenging, with a big learning curve. Interestingly though, in my last yoga class we were told to keep our eyes closed throughout our entire class. I found this very timely. Of course, this was to help us to concentrate on our breathing, but for me it also had a different significance. I imagined myself without sight and how I really had to rely on the instructions. She was very clear with the instructions but it gave me food for thought. And don’t forget, all the while I was only on a yoga mat, I did not walk around!”

You can support Beth by donating to her Everyday Hero page, or join her on the day by registering for the Dive for Dogs yourself!

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