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Brendon’s dive for Jessie

Fundraiser and first-time skydiver Brendon has been an animal-lover his whole life. He owns two cats, Gizmo and Gremlin, but has never owned a dog, or had any interaction with Guide Dogs…until now.

Recently, Brendon has opened his home (and his heart!) to Guide Dog in training Jessie, while she’s in the final stages of her formal training. Since Brendon knew he would only be boarding Jessie for a few months, he’s tried not to get too attached—however despite his best intentions, Jessie has “wormed her way in” to his heart.

Brendon shared with us his reasons for taking the plunge…

“On May 13, I will be jumping out of a plane in order to raise money for this worthy cause. I have not yet been told if I will be allowed to use the parachute or not. We also keep getting sales phone calls from life insurance companies… I’m sure it’s unrelated though!

But in all seriousness, it costs in excess of $35,000 to raise, train and provide the proper care and a loving home for at least two years before a dog is actually matched with a person who is blind or vision impaired.

Sat next to me as I write this, is Jessie, a beautiful Golden Labrador with a temperament to match. She is currently staying with us as she undergoes the final stage of her training, where she learns to use the harness to guide her handler. This will allow her to make a real difference in the life of someone who is blind or vision impaired and enable them to confidently navigate their lives.

Close your eyes for a minute, now imagine you can’t open them ever again. Sounds harsh doesn’t it? How would you cope without the sight that most of us take for granted each day? These dogs, the men and women that train them, the Puppy Raisers who care for them and the team of administrators who run the organisation are dedicated towards improving the lives of West Australians who need them.

This is why I’m diving for dogs!

Please show your support by telling your friends, by sharing on your Facebook page, but most of all by giving generously towards this very worthy cause.

Of course there will be a video of me jumping (and probably screaming like a little girl!!!) from the plane too! Now surely just seeing that alone has to be worth a few of your hard earned $$?”

You can register to join Brendon and other thrill-seeking fundraisers by downloading and completing the Dive for Dogs Registration Form – or why not donate to Brendon’s fundraising page?

For more information on what’s involved in this exciting new event, you can visit the Dive for Dogs webpage.

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