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Give Guide Dogs emergency medical care

The Emergency Vet Fund provides for unexpected or non-routine vet care for our Guide Dogs in training, Ambassador Dogs, and working Guide Dogs.

This vital fund ensures our Guide Dog Users don’t have the burden of finding funds for expensive and unexpected surgery or treatment, and helps to support the Puppy Raising and Ambassador Dog programs when necessary.

In recent weeks, newly-appointed Ambassador Dog Jock visited a veterinary specialist and his medical condition that removed him from the Guide Dog program had worsened, requiring surgery.

Due to the expensive nature of Jock’s recent surgery, this means that our Emergency Vet Fund has reached a level that is dangerously low.

Many of our Guide Dog clients rely on a disability pension. If one of these working Guide Dogs was to become seriously ill or injured, the Emergency Vet Fund is there to assist with this unexpected expense.

Without this emergency fund, a working dog may face early retirement, placing their handler back on the waiting list for several months – sometimes years. This is a scary thought for someone who relies on a Guide Dog to navigate the world safely.

But you can help. The Emergency Vet Fund urgently needs replenishing if we are to continue providing critical vet care to our Guide Dogs in training, Ambassador Dogs and working Guide Dogs.

Donate today to help our our Emergency Vet Fund page or calling 9311 8202.

By contributing to our Emergency Vet Fund, you’re ensuring that West Australians with vision impairment can continue experiencing the freedom, independence and companionship a Guide Dog provides.

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Please note: This is a dedicated emergency fund that is kept separate from regular veterinary costs. ‘Unexpected or non-routine vet care’ does not include standard annual treatments such as vaccinations, check-ups, flea and worming treatments, etc. that are supported by Guide Dog sponsors, donors and Guide Dog handlers.

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