Close up of yellow labrador in brown harness with lawn, plants and fence in background.

Sweet Ginny is Putting all her Training to Work

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Montage of 5 photos of yellow labrador from 8 week old puppy to Guide Dog in brown harness

From the moment Ginny arrived at Guide Dogs WA in the middle of 2018, she displayed many of the characteristics and attributes that would determine her future as a Guide Dog.

Her affectionate and gentle nature were ideal for her to become a wonderful companion for a Western Australian living with blindness or low vision.

Ginny first arrived as an eight week old pup, and went to live with a volunteer Puppy Raiser where she received a great deal of exposure to many different environments and situations, learnt some basic commands and developed obedience and social skills while enjoying plenty of contact and attention. A year later, Ginny transitioned to formal training which included improving her initiative and decision making abilities, learning to guide in harness and refining her responsiveness to commands.

Training was demanding but Ginny still had time to play and enjoy her favourite toys. In late 2020, just over two years since Ginny first joined the Guide Dogs WA program she was matched with a Western Australian living with Homonymous hemianopia and other medical conditions which significantly impacted their independence. Ginny and her new handler have completed an intensive training  course as a team and are doing exceptionally well in the early stages of their new partnership.

Ginny has really settled into her new home and has already brought an incredible amount of happiness and independence to the life of her new handler. Their future together is looking bright.

The positive difference Ginny is making to the life of this Western Australian is only possible because of the kindness of people like you.

Thank you for supporting Ginny during her journey from training pup to working dog.

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