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Learn about Sponsorships & Partnerships

Be part of something life-changing. Become a Guide Dog Sponsor.

Every puppy that joins our program has the chance to change a life. As a puppy sponsor, you give hope and opportunity, independence and joy to Western Australians and their families living with blindness, vision impairment and other disabilities expenses.

Our dedication and energy invested in the training of each puppy, along with our comprehensive matching process, ensures each puppy goes to a person most suited to them.

Did you know?Yellow Labrador in harness

It costs over $10,000 to raise a Guide Dog Puppy in their first 12 months in the Guide Dog program?

And, it takes more than two years and costs over $35,000 to raise and train a Guide Dog Puppy and the lifetime cost of a working Guide Dog is almost $100,000?

Every dollar you donate will be put towards the cost of running our program and you can trust that your generous gift will transform a life of a person living with disability, in your community.

We rely on the generosity of the community to support the work we do. Guide Dogs WA receives less than 10% of its funding needs from the government so we are dependent upon your support to continue to provide these vital services.

Black labrador puppy is wearing an guide dog harness suitable for an adult dog.

Get involved and follow the journey of a Guide Dog Puppy.

A Guide Dog Sponsor plays an important role in the Guide Dog journey from puppy to Guide Dog. We offer a number of different sponsorship opportunities with a range of benefits that will help you keep up-to-date and involved in the journey of a very special puppy into a working dog that will change a life. 

Call us on (08) 9311 8202 or email to discuss how you can help. 

Every dog trained at Guide Dogs WA will change a life – be part of something very special.

Guide Dog Cali with Puppy Raiser John and Sponsor Julie

Guide Dog Cali with Puppy Raiser John and Sponsor Julie

Business Partnerships

We also offer Western Australia’s corporate sector many rewarding opportunities to get involved. We have several options that we can tailor to best suit your individual company’s interests and objectives, and many organisations have jumped on board to partner with us. You can learn more about our Business Partnerships, including various options and in-kind support. Without this valued support, many of our projects and client services simply would not have been possible.

Thanks to Alex Cearns at Houndstooth Studio for the photographs of puppies in harness.

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