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Learn about Sponsorships & Partnerships

You can be part of something life-changing.

The journey to train a Guide Dog is truly unique, and a Guide Dog sponsor plays a vital role in this journey. We rely on the generosity of the community, including individuals, families and businesses to fund our Guide Dog program. Sponsorship of a Guide Dog goes towards the purchase of the puppy, training and equipment, grooming, bedding, feeding and veterinary expenses.

Guide Dog Cali with Puppy Raiser John and Sponsor Julie

Guide Dog Cali with Puppy Raiser John and Sponsor Julie

We provide three different options for becoming part of our family of sponsors:

  1. Puppy Sponsorship
  2. Mature Dog Sponsorship

You can be there every step of the way as your sponsored puppy grows.

Like a new member of the family, you’ll get to know the personality of the puppy, learn about their likes, dislikes and habits, and what they’re learning at school, right up until they’re matched with a user and graduate.

Visit your puppy at school to see what they’re learning.

With a full sponsorship you can meet your puppy at Guide Dogs WA to see how they’ve grown. Talk with their teachers to learn about your puppy’s progress at school, and speak to their Puppy Raiser to hear what your puppy gets up to at home. Watch your puppy in action at Puppy Class/school to see how they are trained and interact with fellow ‘students’.

Read and share your puppy’s report card.

Guide Dog Sponsor Lindy from UWA

Sponsor Lindy with Arnold

Guide Dog Trainers and Instructors provide quarterly school reports, known as ‘Pupdates’, to share how your puppy is progressing through their training.

Pupdates report on your puppy’s milestones, successes and challenges. As a proud sponsor, you can send this to your family and friends to share your special connection with your puppy.

Sole sponsorship of a Guide Dog Puppy costs $35,000, or you can help and embark on a sponsorship journey with a gift of $5,000 or more. You can learn more about Puppy Sponsorship.

Mature Dog Sponsorship

Want to make an impact now?

Occasionally, we have clients on the waiting list who have specific requirements and unfortunately we don’t have enough dogs in formal training or even puppies in the program. In this instance, we carefully select an appropriate mature dog from one of the other reputable Guide Dog schools across Australia. These dogs are approximately 15 months of age, and finish off their training at Guide Dogs WA to be matched their user within roughly 6-8 months.

There are many benefits to sponsoring a mature dog. We are able to provide a life-changing Guide Dog to a client within a much shorter timeframe; six months as opposed to 2-3 years. We look for the traits and characteristics required for guiding, and we have the particular client in mind when selecting the dog, so the matching process at the end is much more streamlined.

Yellow Labrador in harnessSponsorship of a mature dog is $15,000. As a sponsor, you will be able to meet the dog when they arrive, and receive ‘Pupdates’ for the time they are with us, so you can follow your dog’s progress through the final stages of their training. As a proud sponsor, you can send this to your family and friends to share your special connection with your mature dog.

Due to the nature of the selection process, another benefit of sponsoring a mature dog is that they are guaranteed to pass as a Guide. This will give you the opportunity to attend their final graduation, share your story, and meet the lucky West Australian whose life you’ve changed forever. To find out if there are any mature dogs are awaiting sponsorship, you can check our puppies in training page or call (08) 9311 8202.

Business Partnerships

We also offer Western Australia’s corporate sector many rewarding opportunities to get involved. We have several options that we can tailor to best suit your individual company’s interests and objectives, and many organisations have jumped on board to partner with us. You can learn more about our Business Partnerships, including various options and in-kind support. Without this valued support, many of our projects and client services simply would not have been possible.

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