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Guide Dog Trainer Cadet Program

At the beginning of 2016, Guide Dogs WA launched a Guide Dog Trainer Cadet program—a first for Western Australia.

This vital program will increase our capacity of Guide Dog Trainers, ensuring that we can continue to train suitably qualified Guide Dogs, now and into the future.

Guide Dog Trainer Cadet with Guide Dog in training Annie

Shea with Guide Dog in training Annie

The Cadet program runs for approximately 18 months, and our current round of Cadets will be looking to graduate in late 2017.

We are not currently recruiting for the Guide Dog Trainer Cadet program, but please keep an eye on updates to this page as this can change in future!

Shea Heinsen, Guide Dog Trainer Cadet, explains her experience of the program: “It’s Guide Dog school for everyone. Cadets and dogs will learn and grow together. I’m very lucky, it’s a very rewarding and equally unique niche… and it makes such a huge difference to people’s lives.”

If this Cadet program is something you are interested in, then please take note of the below qualifications and experience. These will make you stand out as a desirable candidate and give you a good chance next time we are recruiting!

  • Cert III or Cert IV in Companion Animal Studies (for more information please email South Metro TAFE Companion Animal Department),
  • Volunteering with Guide Dogs as a Puppy Raiser or Boarder (please call the Guide Dogs WA main office number for more information on (08) 9311 8202),
  • Degree in psychology or teaching,
  • Be physically fit and able to walk at least 10 – 15kms per day,
  • Previous experience in Client Management Systems and report writing,
  • Effective with time management, and solutions-focused.

Please note, when we are recruiting for the next round of Guide Dog Trainer Cadets, we will update this page with the application process – so keep checking back!

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