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Therapy Dog Harry goes ‘back to school’

Early in 2016, staff and students at the Catholic Agricultural College in Bindoon welcomed the appointment of their newest staff member—Therapy Dog Harry.

Harry sits in front of a generic grey staff photo background

Harry’s staff photo

Throughout their training, each dog is assessed for their suitability as a Guide, and in Harry’s case, it was decided that his skills were of a different kind.

His thoughtful and intuitive soul has been helping the staff at the College reach out to the students, and providing a non-judgemental pillar of support for each of the 160 students when they’ve needed him most.

“Harry can detect when the kids are upset. He just knows. He’ll go and sit with them and put his head on their lap. He can get through to them in a way that nothing else can,” said Kylie Worth, P.A. & Registrar.

2016 was an exciting year for the school, thanks to Harry. “We can’t imagine not having Harry around. The kids really respect him as a staff member. And they adore him,” said Kylie.

Marie Barton, Principal explains why Harry has made such an impact: “No human being would be able to provide the same care that he does.”

“Words cannot explain the gratitude that the College has. The work he does at our College is unbelievable, much of it I am unable to put into words. The gift he has been to our community, both staff and students is overwhelming and everyone looks for him each day. There is no question that Harry is loved and an integral part of our staff group working with our students.”

Harry has made such a difference at the school. Harriet Hemmings, Pathways Teacher explains “Harry calms the environment right down and helps the kids focus. He’s such an asset!”

Harry sits on the steps, surrounded by four young students

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