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Our Dog Careers

Every puppy that joins Guide Dogs WA will change a life.

Each puppy that enters our training program takes part in over 2 years of training and assessment before being matched with a carefully selected recipient to begin their life-changing careers.

Guiding is a complex and demanding task for a dog. The love, dedication, energy and hope invested in the training of each puppy prepares them for a life of assisting people in need.

Our comprehensive matching process ensures that each dog goes to a person that they most suit.

Depending on their skills, abilities and characteristics, a puppy in training may graduate as a Guide Dog or be selected as a Companion, Assistance or Therapy Dog to enable at-risk or disadvantaged individuals, or children and adults living with disability to reach their full potential. Download our fact sheets;

Every dog makes a difference

Guide Dogs WA has partnered with the Think Fragile X Foundation to launch the Buddy Dogs for Kids program, which will provide Companion, Assistance and Therapy Dogs for children.

Professor Andrew Whitehouse from the Telethon Kids Institute will be conducting research to evaluate how the Buddy Dog program will improve the lives of the families involved, to ensure the long-term sustainability of this exciting new program.

“Buddy Dogs can actually be the ultimate ice-breaker. Where kids previously may have had no idea how to break into a social situation, which of course leads to bullying and social isolation—all of a sudden, they’ve got this beautiful dog that just attracts kids, providing just a nice opening into a conversation and then the social relationships develop from there.” – Professor Andrew Whitehouse, Telethon Kids Institute.

You can read more about the Buddy Dog program here.

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