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Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs WA is the only West Australian-based provider of Guide Dog training services in the community. Guide Dogs not only enhance mobility, independence and quality of life for people living with blindness or vision impairment, but they provide companionship and inclusion in the community.

Guide Dogs support their users’ mobility by:

  • Negotiating obstacles,
  • Stopping when there’s a change in surface level, such as a kerb or set of stairs,
  • Locating doors, seats and pedestrian buttons at traffic lights, and
  • Locating the destinations that their handler uses regularly.

But it’s the intangible benefits they provide their users with that really makes all the difference.

Lorna with Guide Dog Rinty

Lorna with Guide Dog Rinty

“Until you have a Guide Dog, you don’t know what they can do—or the difference they will make… Rinty is my best friend. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” – Lorna with Guide Dog Rinty.

Who is eligible for a Guide Dog?

People who are blind or vision impaired can apply for a Guide Dog if they:

  1. Are at least 16 years of age
  2. Meet the criteria for legal blindness (you do not have to be totally blind to receive a Guide Dog)
  3. Are a resident of WA.

Would you like to apply for a Guide Dog?

If you meet the above criteria and would like to apply for a Guide Dog, please complete the online Guide Dog Application Form, or contact us directly on (08) 9311 8202 or by emailing

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