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Here at Guide Dogs WA, we aim to improve and change the lives of West Australians, through providing highly-trained assistance dogs to enhance quality of life and increase independence.

Kaylene kneels on the grass cuddling Willow close to her chest. Willow is in harness and looks equally happy

Kaylene & Guide Dog Willow

Guide Dogs

Our core service remains as it has always been; to provide Guide Dogs for the blind & vision impaired.

Guide Dogs are trained to negotiate obstacles and steer a clear and safe route, allowing independent activities and travel.

Learn more about our Guide Dog program

Fletcher Autism Assistance Dog, Koha

Fletcher & Autism Assist. Dog Koha

Autism Assistance Dogs

The Autism Assistance Dog (AAD) program was launched in WA in 2017 and in this short time, has been instrumental in changing the lives of several families of children living with autism.

AAD training mirrors many of the principles of Guide Dog training and have the same access right, but focuses on safety, independence and social inclusion.

Learn more about our AAD program

Companion Dogs

Companion Dogs provide security for children or adults with disabilities and help ease the frustration and anxieties that can accompany them. The dogs initially follow the Guide Dog training program and, based on their aptitude, are selected for their companionship skills.

Therapy Dogs

At-risk youths, adults and seniors respond well to the soothing presence of Therapy Dogs in their life. Research shows that therapy dogs can reduce stress and aggression, improve social skills and build self-esteem. Like Companion Dogs, Therapy Dogs begin their career in the Guide Dog training program, gaining a wide set of skills. During progression through the program, they are assessed and identified for their suitability as a Therapy Dog.

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