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Australis Coffee

24 October, 2019
Montage showing Australis Coffee logo, coffee machine & cup and coffee beans around a recycling diagram

At Guide Dogs WA, we’re proudly Western Australian. We rely on the support of the Western Australian community and we support local businesses wherever we can.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce we’re partnering with Australis Coffee (This link will open in new window) proud Western Australian precision roasters, to bring you a pod with a purpose! That’s a 100% compostable, premium roasted coffee pod (and beans too)!

Even better, when you place an order and use the code AUSCOFGDWA, Guide Dogs WA receives 20c from every pod and $5.75 per kg of coffee beans purchased. You will be helping to raise & train Guide & Assistance Dogs here in WA, for people living with low vision or disability.

Want to know more?

The Coffee

For over 40 years, Australis Coffee have precision roasted the finest beans from around the globe. They craft unique blends to ensure you enjoy a quality coffee experience. Australis Coffee is proudly Western Australian.

The Capsule

All components (the capsule, lid and coffee) are 100% compostable & compatible with Nespresso® original machines.

Closed Loop Collection Service

Included with your capsule order, you will receive a compostable mail bag to place your used capsules in.

When you place your next online order, leave your compostable mail bag full of used capsules at the front of your home and the courier will deliver your fresh coffee capsules and collect your used ones. Australis will then compost your capsules!

Order Now

Simply click to order your coffee pods and beans online (this link will open in new window) and don’t forget to enter the code AUSCOFGDWA to support Guide Dogs WA.

If you have low vision and need an accessible way of ordering your coffee beans or pods, please email for assistance. Don’t forget to provide a contact telephone number in your email. 

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