Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving

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Boost Employee Engagement and Empower your People!


Workplace Giving is a great way to boost employee engagement and empower people to support a worthwhile cause through easy giving and gift matching.


You can help provide life changing Guide Dogs, Autism Assistance Dogs, Companion Dogs for children and adults with a disability, and Therapy Dogs for a school, hospital or therapy setting.

Benefits to Employers & Employees – Everyone Wins!


Increased Engagement and Productivity


Supporting a cause makes work more significant and fosters an environment of greater productivity, positive staff morale and reduced turnover. Companies can make a real social impact and build their reputation by aligning with one of Australia’s most trusted charities.


Community Spirit


By supporting Guide Dogs WA through Workplace Giving, your team will be working together to make a big difference in your local community. Not only are employees given the chance to contribute in a smarter way, they also build a sense of pride in their workplace and feel assured they are part of a company that cares.


Make a Difference


Thanks to the support and generosity of Workplace Giving, West Australians living with low vision or disability are able to live independent, rich and rewarding lives through our Guide & Assistance Dog programs.

It costs $50,000 and takes two years to train a Guide or Assistance Dog puppy. Guide Dogs WA is a non-government, not for profit organisation. We rely on the local community to support the Guide and Assistance Dog training program.

How Does Workplace Giving Work?


The amount an employee wants to donate is deducted straight from their salary. This makes it easy to make a difference every pay cycle.


Is Workplace Giving Tax Deductible?


Yes. All Workplace Giving donations are deducted from pre-tax salary and an employee is only taxed on the remainder. This means the tax benefit is received straight away and there is no need to retain receipts. Effectively, a $20 donation would only cost the employee $12.60*

*Exact figures are dependent on the individual’s ATO personal tax bracket.


Matched Donations


An employer can choose to match an employee’s donation to show they share their values and help their contribution go even further.
So, a $20 donation would become $40.

The funds received go directly towards providing vital Guide & Assistance Dog services to people in Western Australia living with low vision, disability or illness.


How to Join a Workplace Giving Scheme


Depending on the size of an organisation, donations can be set up through the Payroll Department or individually through a third party service such as Good to Give.

Contact Us for further information.

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