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Eligibility Criteria

When we select Puppy Raisers, we ask that they meet a number of criteria, so we can ensure that our puppies are well cared for and have the best chance of successfully entering formal Guide Dog training.Yellow Labrador puppy with a toy


  • Able to attend the volunteer induction which includes an observation and information session, a minimum of four handling sessions, and a home assessment by a member of our Guide Dog Team.
  • Children must be at least school age.
  • Living in the Perth metropolitan area (up to 30 minutes travel from Victoria Park).
  • Ideally not in full-time employment, or in self-employment with minimal/flexible hours (this role is not suitable for full-time workers).
  • Provision of a Police Clearance.

“It’s wonderful. It’s so rewarding. To think, you have this bundle of bouncing fur from about 10 weeks and they will eventually be eyes for someone is amazing. It gives me a real is a sense of purpose.” – Sarah, Puppy Raiser of Olly.

Laura with puppy-in-training Annie

Laura with Guide Dog in training Annie

Is Puppy Raising right for me?

  • Do you have time to attend weekly training sessions?
  • Are you available to walk and socialise the puppy every day under the guidance of our Puppy Raising Advisor and Senior Guide Dog Instructor?
  • Is your property securely fenced?
  • If you have a dog already, is he/she desexed? (Please note: our puppies cannot be placed in a home that already has more than one dog)
  • Are you willing to have the puppy live and sleep inside your home?
  • Do you have a Driver’s Licence and access to a motor vehicle?
  • Are you able to spend most of your time with the puppy or is there another adult member of the household who can help (the puppy should not be left alone for more than 1-3 hours a day)?
  • Are you able to access all forms of public transport?
  • If there are children in the household, are they attending school full-time?

If you answered “yes” to these questions and are interested, why not Apply to Become a Puppy Raiser?

“Do it. It will change your life. A Puppy Raiser has to be the best job around. You get to have a great companion who has to be with you wherever you go. What could be better?” – John, Puppy Raiser of Eva & Cali.

Temporary Boarding

If you like the sound of Puppy Raising but aren’t sure you can commit to having a puppy full-time, you can alternatively apply to become a Temporary Boarder.

Honey, a Guide Dog puppy-in-trainingTemporary Boarders provide care for a Guide Dog in training on a short-term basis when their Puppy Raiser is on holiday or unable to care for the puppy for a short period of time; generally periods of 1-3 weeks. This includes the daily responsibilities of feeding, walking and any health care required, and following all instruction provided by the Puppy Raising Advisor or Senior Guide Dog Instructor on general care and socialisation of the puppy.

Temporary Boarding still has the same minimum requirements as Puppy Raising, and you may be able to negotiate with your workplace the possibility of taking the dog to work with you as the puppy will still not be able to be left alone for more than 1-3 hours at a time.

Formal Boarding

Alternatively, you can apply to become a Formal Boarder while the dog is in their formal training stage, which is approximately 6 months. This involves dropping the dog off to ‘school’ in the morning at Guide Dogs WA in Victoria Park, picking them up in the afternoon and caring for them on evenings and weekends.

To be considered as a Formal Boarder, you must still be able to attend the volunteer induction and any children in the household must be of school age. You must be in a position to travel to Guide Dogs WA each week day to drop the dog off in the morning and collect them in the afternoon in accordance with times that are suitable for their Instructor. This is an option that suits many full-time workers, as there is the potential to co-ordinate these requirements around full-time work hours.

If you’d like to apply to become a Puppy Raiser, Temporary Boarder or Formal Boarder, you can Apply to Become a Puppy Raiser online and indicate the option that best suits your circumstances.

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