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Jock finds his new career

You may have noticed that it’s been a while since Ambassador Dog Jock has appeared at our fundraising events and on social media. Unfortunately, during a recent visit to a veterinary specialist, it was found that his medical condition that removed him from the Guide Dog program had worsened, requiring surgery.

Jock underwent the surgery on both elbows and is recovering well, however in his best interests, it was recommended that he be removed as Ambassador for the Guide Dog program so that he could fully recover and not put any stress on his joints in the future.

We’re thrilled to share with you that Jock has been placed as a Companion Dog for a young girl named Maeve. Because of his beautiful, gentle nature, Jock will be a treasured companion for the teenager, who has struggled with disability her whole life.

Maeve has a number of disabilities including Autism and arthritis, and has benefited massively by having Jock’s calming presence in the home.

Maeve’s mum Heather explains: “Because of her disabilities, Maeve has a very slow walking pace. Now, with Jock in the house, she has been able to walk a dog for the first time ever – because his slow walking pace is the same as hers. He’s so well-trained, too, that when she stops, he stops immediately so there’s no risk of him pulling her over. He’s such a gentle soul, and Maeve just adores him.”

“Our family actually Puppy Raised Jock’s half-brother, Koha. The two look very similar, and I think this has helped with the transition for Maeve, now that Koha is out and working in the community.”

Caramel labrador Jock is in the foreground looking at the camera, and Maeve is in the background looking happy

Maeve adores her new Companion Dog Jock

Maeve’s mum Heather is a Guide Dogs WA staff member and Puppy Raiser, who has extensive knowledge of Jock’s condition and ongoing, lifelong treatment needs. This is a fabulous outcome for both Jock and Maeve!

But what has this meant for the Ambassador Dog program? We’ve been joined by three lovely ladies, of course…

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