Guide Dog in training Bailey

“Life with Bailey is never dull!”

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10 March, 2017
Guide Dog in training Bailey

“Life with Bailey is never dull!”

Following a personal desire to give back to the community (and a love of dogs!) Jan became a committed Puppy Raiser in 2010.

“I know what an amazing asset a Guide Dog is, and I wanted to be part of that process,” said Jan.

Her first two dogs, Mary and Skye, have gone on to become Companion Dogs for West Australians with a range of disabilities.

Before he began formal Guide Dog training, Jan’s latest puppy Bailey accompanied her almost everywhere—including work at Hollywood Hospital, the gym, Pilates, the shops, cafes and restaurants, golf, on holidays, weddings, and even events like the Hopman Cup.


“Bailey is an engaging character. He is a smart, confident and inquisitive puppy. Out and about in his training coat, he is alert and well-behaved, but at home he’s a real softie at heart and loves his teddy bears!”

Guide Dog in training Bailey

“He puts smiles on everyone’s faces and brings some light relief to staff and patients at the hospital where I work.”

Despite the fact that it can be hard when the time comes to give the puppy back, Jan finds the role of Puppy Raising very satisfying and rewarding.

“You have the joy of watching and helping a little pup develop into a respected Guide Dog, and the pleasure of knowing that you have helped to make a difference in the life of a person with vision impairment. It’s a lovely thing to be a part of.”

Bailey entered formal Guide Dog training in January 2017. Jan brings him into the office in Victoria Park every morning and picks him up every afternoon after ‘school’. Over the next six to eight months, Bailey will learn the skills of guiding, including finding empty chairs, stopping at kerbs or stairs, and avoiding obstacles on the footpath and overhead. Good luck, Bailey!

Get more information on becoming a Puppy Raiser, or a Boarder like Jan.

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