Person walking with black labrador dog in harness with two people looking on

Puppy Raising

Person walking with black labrador dog in harness with two people looking on

Raise a Puppy Change a Life


Puppy raisers provide the very first homes for future Guide Dogs, Autism Assistance, Companion Dogs or Therapy Dogs


Working closely with our trainer, Puppy Raisers welcome an 8 week old puppy into their home and with support, spend about 12-18 months introducing the puppy to the environments and experiences they will encounter as a working dog. They will teach the young pup basic obedience and socialisation.


For people with less available time, Formal and Temporary dog boarding is an alternative option to consider.  

How Does Puppy Raising Work?

  • Puppies are placed in a home at approximately 8-10 weeks of age and stay until they move on to their formal training at around 16-18 months of age.
  • Puppy Raisers are expected to attend periodic training and obedience classes with Guide Dogs WA trainers at Guide Dogs WA in Victoria Park and in various locations around Perth.
  • Regular home visits are scheduled with our trainers to check on the puppy’s progress and assist with any queries or concerns.
  • Once a reliable toileting routine has been established, Puppy Raisers are encouraged to take the puppy with them into shops, restaurants, on public transport and everywhere they go. 
Guide Dog staff member with yellow labrador

Are Food, Vet Costs and Toys Paid For?

Guide Dogs WA provides everything the puppy will need – including bedding, food, toys, collars, leads and veterinary costs. Cottesloe Vet provide most of the veterinary care for our pups in training.

Information Sessions

We regularly hold information sessions for prospective Puppy Raisers, which is a great way to find out about the program and ask questions. The session is free and the upcoming schedule is:

  • Wednesday 18 March, 12.30pm – 2.00pm.
  • Wednesday 15 April, 12.30pm – 2.00pm.

We encourage you to register for a session,  which is held at Guide Dogs WA, 61 Kitchener Avenue in Victoria Park. In the unlikely event we have to postpone or reschedule an Information Session, we will have your details and be able to contact you.

Changing Lives

Beth and Companion Dog Margie

Companion Dog Margie Changes Beth’s World

Not every dog that joins the Guide Dog WA program is destined to become a Guide Dog. Golden Labrador, Margie was progressing well with her training until, at 18 months of age, she was prematurely withdrawn from the program due to mild arthritis.

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